• Galloping Giggles0:55

  • Eternal Elegance1:02

  • Dying By The Drop 1:01

  • Drawing On The Walls1:04

  • Playful Predator1:34

Photo: Evan Heics

  • Power To The Sheeple3:39
Amplitusion: The Human Zoo Full Length Album

  • Bath Time Beezlebubbles0:44

  • The Wonder Of Desolation2:23

  • 2:00

  • Thy Bidding To The Dark Side1:08

  • Imaginary Rainbows0:54

  • 3:10

  • Can't Be Killed 1:41

  • Embracing Evil1:15

  • Smoking In The Rain0:48

  • Attacked Under Ice1:30

  • Fun Making A Mess0:47

  • Life By A Thread1:06

  • Overcoming Adversity2:02

  • Icarus1:14

  • Nail Biter2:46



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Diversity Defined: Magnetic energy  as a composer, entertainer, and multi-instrumentalist; "Big Jim" is a presence in all genres of music. Master songwriter for symphonic metal band, Amplitusion; acoustic folk, and composer of cinematic soundtracks in film and television on networks such as A&E, Showtime, The History Channel and Animal Planet; new anthems are made daily.  


17/03/2022: Surf album in the works w/ drum titan, Cale Costello on the skins!

19/01/2021: Acoustic album going into last phases of production!

21/05/2020: Video page added to website "For The Love Of Music" incl. Episode 10. Check it!

20/05/2020: Celebrating over 500 original songs now created 

06/05/2020: "For The Love of Music Episode 9 is Live! Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley!

29/04/2020: For The Love of Music Episode 8 is Live! Take on Me, A-Ha

01/02/2020: "For The Love of Music Episode 2 is Live! Schism by Tool

20/01/2020: "For The Love of Music Episode 1 is Live! Metallica, Spit Out The Bone! 

12/01/2020: Sheehan added to Velvet Green Composer Library based out of Santa Monica, CA. www.VelvetGreenMusic.com 

15/09/2019:​ Sheehan to perform O Canada for the National Terry Fox Foundation Fundraiser! 

01/08/2019:​Celebrating over 300+ songs with HAUS TV Library! Thank you, HAUS!  www.HausMusic.com

15/06/2019: Added to MusicGives Fundraiser to raise money for Kids Music Programs in Niagara.

04/01/2019: Sheehan wins National Title in Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships.  

14/12/2018: 2019 Dates added!

20/09/2018: New songs featured on The History Channel's TV show, "American Pickers"

30/04/2018: Commercial Libraries added to website for your enjoyment, perhaps you have already heard some of these on TV!

26/03/2018: Sheehan signed as a Composer for HAUS TV writing custom music for advertising  television: CNBC, The History Channel, Animal Planet & Showtime!

23/22/2018: Lyric Video Released for The Human Zoo!

02/02/2018: Sheehan to teach Intro to Soundtrack Writing & Scoring 101 w/ Long&McQuade University!

06/01/17: Release date announced! Amplitusion 3, The Human Zoo February 20 2018.

07/12/17: Art & Limited Edition PreOrders available for Amplitusion III Album, The Human Zoo!

28/10/2017: Engineers-almighty, Sterling Winfield & Andres Lara onboard to mix & master Amplitusion III!

01/07/2017:  O Canada Soundtrack Score for FedEx Canada  goes live across the Nation!

11/11/2016: Sheehan alongside James Hetfield in Metallica's latest video, "Halo on Fire" from "Hardwired...To Self Destruct".