Album Review.  May 2018.

Written by Syd Ghan                  *edited by Mike Milito


AMPLITUSION: The Human Zoo.James Sheehan, the Amplitusion guitarist singer, told me that The Human Zoo was mixed with Sterling Winfield, who worked with the Pantera. Well, let's say if such a renowned professional is on the disc, then it probably can not be too bad, so I recommended to the Canadian musician not only to listen to their production but to write a few lines on Hammer's stuff.
And I did not have to be disappointed, The Human Zoo is really a fair one! But, far from Pantera's style, it is framed within the progressive death metal frame.
Right away at the start, it is felt that classical music from five Canadian guys is not far off. This is proven not only by the introductory but also by the many interconnections. In fact, the coarser, even metallic batches contain classic music moods here and there. Especially the guitar solos feel all that, fortunately, they do not clink in face-to-face, but are very pleasant to the heavy riffs.
Because, of course, there are no shreds of really crunchy topics! Some of them would have even stood in a Death song, even though they often contain piano accompaniments. True, the keyboards can only appear in the songs as gently as a breath-taking color.
And what's more interesting is that they do not want to get our heads off with vocal themes. James, that is, Big Jim does the compositions with whisper monologues rather than shouting. Interestingly, this is a subtle, yet awesome style of singing, which certainly gives a special flavor to technical compositions.
So, The Human Zoo is worth noting just because of its sound, but also because of its special atmosphere. Of course, well-composed compositions that fit well together make it forty-six minutes of pleasant relaxation.
Z. O. 8

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