• The Brink of Truth1:14

  • Barren Battle 1:10

  • Souls For Sale1:07

  • Innocent Or Guilty1:06

  • Angels are Elsewhere1:14


Evil lurks and drones in the shadows, darkness is everywhere! A sadistic soundscape for villains to plot and punish, majestically maniacal music!  Expect multiple variations that will be customized to your project.  Tempos, emotions and fear will compound your plot to build anxiety and heighten stress.


  • Delivering Bad News1:16

  • Lost In The Labyrinth1:34

  • Unwilling Forgiveness 0:58

  • Chalice of Malice1:22

  • The Wonder Of Desolation2:23

  • Harvesting Hate1:13

  • Dying By The Drop 1:01

  • Overcoming Adversity2:02

  • Catastrophe Countdown0:56

  • Reaching For Revenge1:09

  • Melting Your Mind1:02

  • Intent To Harm1:05

  • Thy Bidding To The Dark Side1:08

  • Someone Is Listening1:24

  • Disarming The Bomb1:46

  • Darkest Light1:10