• Can't Catch Me0:42

  • Sneakin Cookies0:49

  • Galloping Giggles0:55

  • I Smell Burning0:41

  • Hide and Seek 0:46


Home of funny falls, accidental slips and foiled plans! Expect a pizzicato party of playfulness with this genre! Humor, fun and surprises make this genre a favorite! Music is made to order with all variations and arrangements available.


  • Bath Time Beezlebubbles0:44

  • Don't Spill0:48

  • 1:07

  • Playful Reflections 0:36

  • Trail of Crumbs0:52

  • Job Interview Jitters 0:50

  • Drawing On The Walls1:04

  • Tigerius Theme; Kids TV1:13

  • Brand New but Broken0:34

  • Smoking In The Rain0:48

  • Opening Presents0:56

  • Happy Trails 1:00

  • Are There Snakes in Here?0:42

  • Jill In The Box0:45